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Advisers of Possibility

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We live in disruptive and challenging times. While the future has always been uncertain, the speed and complexity of today's change is leaving many behind – disoriented and struggling to cope. What worked in the past appears no longer adequate. Knowledge and information, once stable sources of economic power, are no longer enough. As planners, we are called to take action. And with over 170,000 CFP professionals worldwide, financial planning is uniquely positioned to become one of the most important professions of the 21st Century. But we are not there yet. The future demands new skills, new sensibilities, and a new way of being. 

Join Don St. Clair as he explores how our everyday common sense notion of language and communication blinds us to possibility, and constrains our capacity to reinvent financial reality with others. Offering a new interpretation, St. Clair will share his vision of what it means to be a CFP professional in the 21st Century.

  • Recognize the limits of knowledge as it applies to financial decision making
  • Differentiate theories of money, economics, and communication from their underlying ontological framework(s)
  • Describe the 3-levels of communication human beings use in coordinating with one another to get things done

Don St. Clair, CFP®, AIF®

President, St. Clair Financial

Don St. Clair is president of St. Clair Financial, an RIA firm in Northern California. He has been practicing financial planning since 1990 and has served as an FPA volunteer in a number of roles, including his favorite - 2012 FPA Retreat Task Force Chair. St. Clair believes financial planning can add demonstrable value and that when delivered by competent and ethical professionals, that value can be well in excess of adviser compensation. Don sees the exploration of viable alternatives as central to the advisory function. To that end, his primary aim is to help clients discover opportunities and create possibilities not previously conceived. In recent years, St. Clair became a private pilot, discovering in the process a desire to reinvent the way financial planning is practiced at his firm. This presentation reflects much of that thinking.


Advisers of Possibility
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Open to view video.
5 Questions  |  2 attempts  |  4/5 points to pass
5 Questions  |  2 attempts  |  4/5 points to pass
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1.0 CFP CE credit  |  Certificate available