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African American Knowledge Circle: Investing Your Values: Diversity Lens & ESG Investing

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More investors are seeking social as well as financial returns, i.e. environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investing. Some estimates suggest that one-third of assets under management will be in ESG vehicles by 2025. Among ESG themes, gender and racial/ethnic lens investing are gaining prominence. Join us to learn more about diversity lens investing and the vehicles available to help your clients invest their values.

Angela Atherton, CFPA, FRM


Parallelle Finance

Angela Atherton, CFA, FRM, is the Co-founder and Principal of Parallelle Finance, a leader in in gender & diversity lens investing research, analysis, and advocacy. Angela’s commitment to financial inclusion and responsible investing began at the start of her career when she managed screening and performance analysis for two ESG indexes. She went on to structure private equity deals at American Capital Strategies. And then led risk analysis and management functions at Fannie Mae and Calvert Impact Capital, a non-profit investment firm. As the Chief Operating and Financial Officer at The Global Good Fund, a social enterprise, she ran day-to-day operations and led commercial expansion.

An experienced entrepreneur, she co-founded a female-led fintech, Capital Market Exchange, and launched an independent consulting practice offering technical assistance and training financial institutions in emerging and developed markets in North America, Europe, Australia, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East including through World Bank/IFC and USAID engagements.


African American Knowledge Circle: Investing Your Values: Diversity Lens & ESG Investing
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