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Are You Prepared for the Next Wave of Wealth?

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The top 10% of earners under age 50 represent one of the largest high-potential groups of prospects. With years of earning potential ahead, they are on track to control significantly more wealth over time, and yet they feel underserved. They often forgo professional financial advice even though they’re less likely to feel like they are on track toward their goals and less likely to feel comfortable managing money on their own than traditional clients. Our program provides seven ideas derived from our qualitative and quantitative research to help you connect and grow your practice with the Next Wave of Wealth.

  • Understand the financial needs, attitudes, and priorities of the top 10% of earners under 50
  • Identify how your services and approach align with Next Wave priorities and position or adjust your practice to meet those priorities
  • Analyze a Next Wave client's degree of risk and loss aversion, especially considering their unique experiences (as compared to traditional clients) to ensure recommendations are aligned with their attitudes, knowledge and needs

Jean Dunn, CFP®

Vice President, Insights Leader

T. Rowe Price Investment Services, Inc.

Jean is a Vice President of T.  Rowe Price Investment Services, Inc., and    an Insights Leader in the U.S. Intermediaries: Product & Marketing—Offer Management Group.

As a frequent speaker at industry and client events, Jean not only creates thought leadership but also provides consultative services to financial professionals, sharing industry best practices, from leading strategic marketing teams to helping the financial planning community understand and better serve diverse communities, her goal has been to arm financial professionals with the actionable insights, tactics and tools they need to help their clients reach their goals.

Jean is focused on helping financial professionals understand and adapt to the changing face of wealth in the United States and is passionate about researching how the shifts in intergenerational wealth and family dynamics influence how Americans save, invest and plan for their futures.



Are You Prepared for the Next Wave of Wealth?
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5 Questions  |  2 attempts  |  4/5 points to pass
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