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Case Study: Using A Reverse Mortgage for Purchasing a Home

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In the third part of the case-study series focusing on home equity as an effective strategy in comprehensive financial planning, we will use real-life scenarios to examine how a reverse mortgage can be used to purchase the right home for aging in place with no required monthly principal or interest payments while preserving invested assets at the same time. Participants will learn how to integrate the reverse mortgage program as a pro-active planning tool, develop strategies for turning dormant equity into opportunity, and effectively communicate to clients “why and how” this tool provides unique planning solutions that can safeguard any later-life funding strategy.

  • Outline opportunities to enhance a later-life asset and income distribution plan
  • Discuss broad-based knowledge of the reverse mortgage product
  • Identify risks in clients' financial plans that could be mitigated by including home equity into the planning process

Steve Resch

Vice President or Retirement Strategies, Finance of America Reverse

Steve Resch is Vice President of Retirement Strategies for Finance of America Reverse, where he leads education and training programs for financial professionals across the country. Steve is also an investment advisor, partner in a wealth management firm, and designer of the “Reverse Illustrator”, a groundbreaking program that graphically displays the flexibility and options that a reverse mortgage can bring to a financial plan. Steve is a subject expert source, interviewed by numerous media outlets including TheStreet.com, Nasdaq Trade Talks, Yahoo Finance, Barons, among others, and is a frequent speaker at both national and regional professional conferences.



Case Study: Using A Reverse Mortgage for Purchasing a Home
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