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Journal in the Round: Building Client Trust Requires Intention and Action

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The March Journal of Financial Planning contributors Elizabeth Jetton, M.Ed., CFP®, FPA's business strategy coach, and Adam Kornegay, co-founder of Pathfinder, discuss their action-oriented, step-by-step models for establishing and maintaining trust in planners' client relationships. In their articles, each present a powerful research-based argument for the critical need for financial planning professionals to intentionally improve their communication capabilities and integrate new behaviors into their client interactions starting with that first meeting.

  • Apply active listening skills when communicating with clients
  • Select appropriate counseling and communication techniques for use with individual clients
  • Determine how a planner can develop a relationship of honesty and trust in client interaction

Elizabeth Jetton, CFP®, M.Ed.

Strategic Consultant, Financial Planning Association

Elizabeth Jetton is passionate about financial planning and has strived to be a thought leader in the financial planning profession for the past 26 years. She has been a CFP professional since 1991 and in the financial services industry since 1981. She retired from actively practicing after 25 years to shift from working in the business to working on the profession, through coaching, consulting and teaching in two online FP graduate programs. She's a frequent speaker, nationally and internationally, on topics focused on the Art and Science of Financial Planning; Serving Women Clients; 21st Century Planning and Applying Adult Learning Theory to the Practice of Financial Planning. One of the highlights of her life and career was being blessed to serve on the national FPA board from 2001-2005 and to be elected and to serve as president of the FPA in 2004. Her passions include coaching financial planners; facilitating firm retreats and conferences; helping women advisers find their authentic practice; bringing new theories to the knowledge and practice of financial planning and supporting the next generation of planners in a way that together, we are all "wiser together." 

Adam Kornegay

Co-founder, Pathfinder

Adam Kornegay, co-founder of Pathfinder, combines his background in marketing and business analytics with his experience as a financial adviser to help financial planners and financial services firms manage and grow strong businesses. He is a messaging and marketing strategies coach in the FPA Coaches Corner, and the Director of Membership for FPA of East Tennessee.

Kieran Elizabeth Rooney, CFP®, EA

Director of Standards & Certification, FPSB

As Director of Standards & Certification at FPSB, Kieran Rooney, CFP®, is responsible for executing FPSB’s strategies for standards for the global profession and requirements for FPSB’s pathway and CFP certifications. Before FPSB, Rooney was a financial adviser with Boston-based Modera Wealth Management, delivering fee-only advice and tax, investment and insurance strategies to high-net-worth clients. A CFP professional and Enrolled Agent with the U.S. Internal Revenue Service, Rooney co-hosts the Financial Planning Association’s Cross-Border Knowledge Circle and moderates its Journal in the Round program. Previously, she worked for the United Nations, where she managed course creation, piloting, administration and standard-setting to ensure alignment of courses delivered in five languages to 14,000 end users in 100+ countries. 


Journal in the Round: Building Client Trust Requires Intention and Action
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