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Supporting the Needs of Our Senior Clients: Managing the Process from Wants to Needs

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As clients' needs change, our role as planners must evolve as well. For some of our clients, it is adjusting to the challenges of aging. For others, it is planning for the demands of elder caregiving. In either scenario, we have responsibilities as planners and advisers to assist people in understanding and managing the process. In many cases, the problems arise when there is a difference of opinion about what is best for mom, or a senior's lack of insight about what is safe or who should be in charge.

How do you manage the gap that is created as client capacity changes? How do you establish and/or maintain a relationship with the adult children? When client needs change, will you have the resources at your disposal to meet those needs? if you are not recognized as a resource in these situations, your clients, or their decision makers, will find someone else to play that role.

  • Understand the planning tools for supporting your clients and maintaining a role in their lives
  • Differentiate the factors that drive long-term planning for your senior clients
  • Interpret the influence of the values seniors use to make decisions

Jim McCabe

President, Eldercare Resources

Dr. Jim McCabe is the president of Eldercare Resources -- a health care management company that consults with estate planning firms, financial planning professionals and trust companies in the areas of risk management and long term care. The focus of this work has been on educating professionals on the essentials of client engagement and service delivery with senior clients and their families. Dr. McCabe has developed valuable training tools and programs to assist in meeting the challenges of eldercare and managing the changing needs of clients as they age. Jim has consulted with Cisco Systems, Federal Reserve Bank, Harris Trust, Wells Fargo, the International Marketing Association and Singapore University and has served on the board of the American Society on Aging and the Financial Planning Association of Phoenix. Dr. McCabe has also served on the faculty at the University of California-Berkeley, San Francisco State University and Arizona State University.


Supporting the Needs of Our Senior Clients: Managing the Process from Wants to Needs
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