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As your partner in planning, FPA wants to ensure you're able to make the most of your membership. Part of that value comes from understanding how FPA can help you realize your vision of professional fulfillment through practice support, learning, advocacy, and networking. This orientation will give you the tools you need to do just that. Let us guide you through your FPA journey and highlight the exclusive member benefits at your fingertips. 

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First Things First - Access and Edit Your FPA Profile
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Open to view video. Adding to your FPA profile and keeping it up to date lets others in your network see your accomplishments, and keeps you informed and connected where you need it most, allowing FPA to truly be your partner in planning.
Learn ALL About Your Exclusive Member Benefits
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Begin self-paced component package. Maximize your membership all year long. As a member, FPA becomes your partner in planning, helping you realize your vision of success with practice support, learning, advocacy, and networking.
Find the Right Insurance Solution
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Open to view video. We’ve partnered with Ryan Insurance Strategy Consultants, one of the profession’s leading providers of insurance services, to make a variety of insurance programs available to you and your employees.
You're Invited: Join us at the FPA Annual Conference
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Open to view video. The FPA Annual Conference is the largest annual gathering of CFP® professionals each year. Join us in Columbus - Sept. 18-20, 2024.
Proud Member Logo
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Open to download resource. Share your FPA pride! Use this image on LinkedIn, Facebook, your website, or even in your email signature. You can also use this in printed materials like business cards, promotional materials, and newsletters. Note: the FPA logo should not be altered in any way, used to denote or imply any direct endorsement by FPA of a member’s products or services, or used with any other graphic or text in such a way as to imply FPA endorsement or sponsorship.
What's Your Why?
5 Questions
5 Questions So that we can better serve you and support your success, please share the reason you joined FPA.
Certificate of Completion
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0.0 credits  |  Certificate available