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Media Mastery 2.0

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Imagine confidently stepping into the spotlight, poised to share your financial expertise and insights with the world. It's not just a dream – it's a reality waiting for you with FPA's brand-new, on-demand virtual Media Mastery 2.0, developed with AdvisorPR and hosted exclusively through the FPA Learning Center.

This virtual, on-demand program demystifies public relations and offers a roadmap that takes you from understanding the essence of PR to mastering the nuances of engaging with different media platforms. The five modules include:

  • Module 0: Prerequisite for Access to FPA MediaSource — In this complimentary module, you'll dive into the inner workings of the FPA MediaSource platform, where you'll discover the technical aspects of the system and the 11 essential keys to make this tool work for you.


  • Module 1: The Foundations — Explore the essence of public relations and why it can be crucial for you. You'll delve into the basics, the different types of media outlets, and how to identify the right opportunities and set clear objectives.


  • Module 2: Preparation and Research — You'll learn to create media-facing materials like a pro, including your media bio and boilerplate. Learn about the power of research, the various types of media requests, how to set expectations, and how to leverage your media attention.


  • Module 3: Best Interview Practices —Explore the best interview practices for different media types, what to say, and how to stay compliant. Learn how to navigate time constraints, handle unexpected scenarios, and build lasting media relationships.


  • Module 4: Advanced PR Strategies — This final module takes you beyond the basics. Dive into proactive PR strategies, perfecting the timing of your topics to align with media needs, the options of DIY PR versus hiring a professional firm, and fast-tracking your media exposure.

All this incredible knowledge is at your fingertips, accessible anytime, anywhere through the FPA Learning Center. The first module is free for all FPA members and a prerequisite for any CFP® professional member of FPA who wants to be part of the FPA MediaSource platform. Modules 1-4 are available to FPA members for only $99 and nonmembers for $199.

It's more than just a course; it's a prerequisite for financial planners like you who aim to drive impact in working within the world of media relations and want to speak with authority and confidence.

1. In this training, financial advisors will master the fundamentals and strategies of PR. They will learn how to craft compelling responses and messages for various media types, proactively integrate their message into relevant news content, and establish themselves as authorities in their areas of expertise. The training emphasizes the benefits of PR, such as increased brand visibility, credibility, and improved SEO. Financial advisors will develop a comprehensive PR plan that aligns with their overall marketing strategy, allowing them to effectively leverage PR for business growth.

2. Effective media engagement and relationship building are key focuses of this training. Financial advisors will learn how to prepare for media interviews, conduct themselves professionally during interactions, and meet media expectations and deadlines. The training equips advisors with the skills to manage time constraints and respond promptly in a deadline-driven media environment. They will also explore strategies for following up with the media, building long-term relationships, and avoiding common PR pitfalls while maintaining compliance. Advisors will also learn gain on how to manage unexpected scenarios and change or cancel interviews effectively. These skills will enable financial advisors to build positive media relationships and enhance their media presence.

3. This training emphasizes leveraging PR for business growth and success. Financial advisors will discover how PR can fuel their content marketing strategy, enhance social proof, and increase conversions. They will gain insights such as evaluating the options of DIY PR approaches versus hiring a PR firm. The training will equip advisors with strategies to fast-track media exposure and maximize PR opportunities for driving business growth. By leveraging PR effectively, financial advisors can position themselves for increased visibility, credibility, and success in their industry.